What if you don’t go back to work on Monday? The Maximum Wage #magazine £3.50 & FREE UK P&P

Julie Rose Bower’s essay floats like a paper-aeroplane through the miserable world of CV writing.


Imagine you are a square peg being hammered into a round hole with two sides of A4. It’s going to take a bloody long time…

Julie asks whether the hours spent screwing our achievements into bullet points might be better writ large on the world. Perhaps you’ll join the skulking ranks of the self employed, or live the raw material for a memoir? Whatever happens, we must all accept there’s nothing tighter than single spaced, and 11.5pt just looks weird.

In The Maximum Wage Magazine Julie sketches the vitae statistics of Jessica Mitford, William Burroughs and Penguin Classic Morrissey:


Buy Now via Henningham Family Press!

£3.50 & FREE DELIVERY within the UK!

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Performance combining hectic game-show silliness, satirical bite and economic critique – David Collard, The Times Literary Supplement

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