Make Your Own Utopian Pie! The Maximum Wage #magazine £3.50 & FREE UK delivery

Julie Rafalski Dishes Up Utopia On A Plate!

commonwealth_rafalski_sp Aristocracy? Stale. Communism? Half-baked. Late Capitalism? Too rich. It’s really hard to get a recipe right.

We asked Julie Rafalski, an expert in editing and colour composition, to see if she could communicate something about Commonwealth. She brought the ingredients, industrialisation, automation, sustainability, abundance, and the public mixed it all up. Many did not know what commonwealth is. More didn’t know they are entitled to their share. Most didn’t know that common property is constantly under threat. Yet on the day everyone had something to bring to the table and share.

The Maximum Wage Magazine includes Julie’s work in progress in full glorious colour. The first bite is with the eye:


Buy Now via Henningham Family Press!

£3.50 & FREE DELIVERY within the UK!

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East London has become a prime example of the divide between the UK’s richest and poorest. It’s also where a group of artists are teaching people about income inequality. – Helen Amass, The Times Educational Supplement

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