The #Chancellor Resigns – mark this with our commemorative #Orwell vs #Osborne Pull-out Poster! The Maximum Wage #mag £3.50 & FREE P&P

Four pull-out posters protest Osborne’s ersatz National Living Wage!


Chancellor George Osborne may have resigned, but many of that discount Dracula’s policies will march on in that persistent way the undead do. The unholiest of them all could be his so-called “National Living Wage”. Why not commemorate his passing into the political afterlife with our commemorative pull-out poster? We confront him with Orwell, who although long-dead is still a mind to be reckoned with and a force for good. What that tells us about the relative merits of the Arts over Politics I cannot say for sure. But at the bottom you will find all the Living Wage stats you need at a glance.

Also included in the magazine: Compare yourself to other people with our Salary Amnesty! Meet our Artists! & I won’t get out of bed for less than £10,000!

I had to explain the concept of pull-out posters to our printer when they phoned to say the pagination was wrong. She hadn’t heard of Smash Hits either, so here are instructions for younger readers:

  1. Find the centre of the magazine and locate the metal staples.
  2. Use a fingernail to pull the staple legs upright.
  3. Carefully slide the two centre spreads free from the rest of the magazine.
  4. Now use your fingernail to push the staples back down to their original position.

You can put these up in your bedroom, students’ union, think tank, or green room using blu-tack and they are reversible. People can even make them the wallpaper or lock screen on their phone by photographing them!

Buy Now via Henningham Family Press!

£3.50 & FREE DELIVERY within the UK!

Want more than 5 copies? Trade orders? Request a price HERE

East London has become a prime example of the divide between the UK’s richest and poorest. It’s also where a group of artists are teaching people about income inequality. – Helen Amass, The Times Educational Supplement

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