Your Aspiration Is Our Inspiration! The Maximum Wage #magazine only £3.50 & FREE UK postage!

Ladies Of The Press* Live Zine: Maximum Life!

In preparation for the show, Ana and Renee immersed themselves in the Didot splashed world of glossy lifestyle magazines. They came out pastel pink, glossy and glowing with feminist ire. Why? The sheer effort that goes into making people dissatisfied with themselves. The belief that people are a product that must sell itself.
The unsettling genius of the magazine they produced live on the day, using basic desktop publishing technology, was that it introduced real people into the laminated world of lifestyle magazines. They used Photoshop to transport the familiar faces of Hackney onto their spotless spreads, not to render female faces “flawless”. The people they interviewed stumble onto the page with their integrity and syntax intact. They pose in front of bespoke correx boards, the kind used by estate agents, which look more than a little like protest placards. First against the south-facing wall?

The Maximum Wage Magazine includes five pages of their fascinating interviews, full-page photographs, and food for thought:


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£3.50 & FREE DELIVERY within the UK!

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Performance combining hectic game-show silliness, satirical bite and economic critique – David Collard, The Times Literary Supplement

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