Gainful Unemployment: Maximum Wage #Magazine (£3.50 & FREE UK postage)

Eddie Farrell’s Gainful Unemployment project continues its open-ended odyssey!

We often assume that to effect change we must make a scheme and implement it according to plan. For centuries Artists have known this to be a bad idea (or at least an idea that makes for bad art). Each gesture in colour, line, form, movement.. follows earlier instinctive gestures. Every change requires the Artist to listen to the world and others and re-evaluate. Eddie Farrell suggests this approach might make for better activism, politics, or even how we spend our time on this earth. This tissue paper edition at the William Morris Gallery added colour mixing to the process:

The Maximum Wage Magazine includes Eddie’s full article on Gainful Unemployment and a stunning A3 full colour spread of the original piece:


Buy Now via Henningham Family Press!

£3.50 & FREE DELIVERY within the UK!

Want more than 5 copies? Trade orders? Request a price HERE

Performance combining hectic game-show silliness, satirical bite and economic critique – David Collard, The Times Literary Supplement

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