TONIGHT: Gainful Unemployment at William Morris Gallery @WMGallery #WMGLate #Utopia

You think that I have done you a service; so you feel yourself bound to give me something… but pardon me for saying, that it seems to us a troublesome and roundabout custom.

The Waterman, in William Morris’s News From Nowhere

Artist Eddie Farrell has collaborated many times with Henningham Family Press, since meeting at the Slade in 2005. The most recent is The Maximum Wage when, with other live artists, we considered what citizens might do if supported by a dividend from commonwealth. What better place to continue to further explore commonwealth than at the William Morris Gallery.

The first Gainful Unemployment was an intuitive improvised composition of overlapping “collaborative selfies” cut from coloured paper. Tonight we have been invited by the William Morris Gallery to forage for forms in the William Morris Garden instead. With your help we will create seven panels of coloured paper compositions in the gallery cafe. A profitable way of spending time. A method that may yield more humane utopias. You are invited to join in the process.

6.30pm – 10.30pm
9th June 2016
Details HERE


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