PUBLISHED: Gainful Unemployment with @00atmen, 12th March 2016

A wonderful stop motion record of Eddie Farrell’s Gainful Unemployment unfolding between 11am and 5pm on Saturday March 12th. Eddie says:

Time is everything.
For an artist time is essential to think, make, propose,
explore, test and perhaps most important of all, fail.
The luxury of time brings the luxury to fail:
to experience failure without brutal consequences, helps facilitate
a deeper exploration of the world around us
which ultimately can allow for true learning.
So in a world where time is synonymous with money,
“time is money”
does that mean true learning is the preserve of the wealthy alone?
In over 30 years of working as an artist
the times I’ve felt, most employed and truly receptive to learning,
have been occasions that society would have deemed my status to be, unemployed.

The work addresses the time/money equation, assembled as a 5 hour durational
composition throughout the afternoon assisted by participating visitors to The Maximum Wage event, March 12 2016. It shows, through making, how artistic process can give working form, structure and purpose to what might otherwise be designated, meaningless curiosity or pointless exploration of unusable knowledge.

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