“Lively and subversive”, The TLS reports The Maximum Wage

The Times Literary Supplement’s David Collard describes his experience on The Maximum Wage print production line.

Read the full blog HERE


The piece quotes a poem by Bernard Spender called “Behaviour of Money”, which was new to us:

“The poor were shunted nearer to beasts. The cops recruited.
The rich became a foreign community. Up there leaped
quiet folk gone nasty,
quite strangely distorted, like a photograph that has slipped.”

A quotation that is indeed apt; “quiet folk gone nasty” encapsulates our observation on the day that it was almost impossible to treat strangers according to the ‘norms’ of our society once the distancing structures of our society have been removed. With the audience and co-workers assembled, no governor was comfortable walking away with 330 times what the unskilled workers were getting.

The office door, the club, the secret salary negotiation, the interview; all these and many more rituals enable the misogyny, racism and Malthusianism we regard as business as usual. Just as otherwise decent people place orders in Economic Processing Zones with only an order manifest and a few hours time difference to keep their consciences clean.

Another important objective observation was made that bears repeating:

David Henningham acted as MC in an electric blue suit, looking uncannily like David Bowie circa Young Americans.



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