We Are Over The-Moon-Under-Water: @40ftbrewery accepting Orwells!

40FT Brewery are exchanging our Orwell currency for exquisite craft beer and good cheer!

40ft-can-2560x181140FT Brewery is a craft brewery in a shipping container. That’s enough reason for one visit to their Tap Room, but then there’s the unique Larger, refreshing IPA, the aptly named dark DEEP and an effervescent Weiss that all conspire to keep us coming back often. These beers are incredible. You won’t find that ubiquitous craft tartness here, but that’s because there’s a master brewer instead. But what keeps us going back WEEKLY is the atmosphere. People TALK to each other there. You can go in alone, get a warm welcome and meet fascinating people. If you want to meet people in Dalston, this is the supernode. And by ‘talk’, I don’t mean about house prices, school places and all the dreary commonplaces that lay claim to verbal communication. To better 40FT you’d need a flight to Berlin and a time machine.

What stops us going daily is the weekend opening hours. So redeem your Orwells on Saturday 12th March only, between 5pm and 11pm. Think of this as our after-party. We’ll be there as soon as we’ve packed up. Mine’s a Larger.

What is The Maximum Wage?

How do I get these Orwells?

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