Fingers Crossed Cafe: Now Our Currency = Coffee!

Local favourite Fingers Crossed will be exchanging our screenprinted currency for coffee and fantastic food between 12th and 15th March.

Just down the road from the venue, St Paul’s West Hackney, you’ll find a friendly cafe that serves delicious coffees and brilliant brunch with a dependability that belies their name. We are delighted that they agreed to accept our Orwell themed currency. We do hope you will pay them a visit with your hard earned Orwells.

It was always our ambition that all the essentials could be obtained using our home-made money. Bread, veg, eggs, beer and now, of course, a good strong coffee.

We particularly liked this cafe because the owner sometimes brought us a different drink to the one we ordered. Not by mistake, though; these were lucky sneak previews of her new creations.

Fingers Crossed
247 Amhurst Rd,
London N16 7UN

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