Introducing ‘Eat Hackney’ – Our Consumption Specialists

helssall1-205x494We are delighted to announce that Eat Hackney will be taking part in The Maximum Wage on March 12th!

Photographer,  writer, and culinary super-node Helena Smith (right) will take up residence in St Paul’s Church Hall alongside our print production line. Our hungry and thirsty workforce will be able to spend their hard earned ‘wages’ at the Eat Hackney stall before the paint is dry. She will also welcome the general public and their Great British Pounds.

Everything edible ends up in East London. Eat Hackney conducts a world food tour on our doorstep, recommending restaurants, cafés, supper clubs, pop-ups, community projects and food shops.

Visit Eat Hackney online to share recipes, and purchase the wonderful Eat Hackney Cookbook that raises funds for North London Action for the Homeless and the Hackney Migrant Centre.

About The Maximum Wage

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