Uniformity Causing Correlations?

Whilst doing some research for the Maximum Wage Screenprinting Production Line “workers” costumes, I notice an interesting visual correlation. When people write positive articles about forward thinking work practices in factories, they use pictures of everyone in smart uniforms preferably with headgear of some sort:


Even if it’s just a triangle of cloth, like these ladies here:


The uniformity brings order to the tangle of machinery and conveyor belts. It repels chaos and exhales efficiency, clean working environment, employee welfare checks, regular appraisals, minutely scheduled breaks, hi-tech punchcard systems etc etc.

But when you want to write an article about the oppressiveness of factory work, and the resulting high suicide rates amongst the workers, you use a picture like this:


See? The people are just in ordinary clothes. The result is messy visually, chaotic, disorganised, sweaty hellish scenario. Oh unhappy factory workers.

I have never worked in a factory line myself. I wonder how a uniform affects the mentality. Correlation is not causation, but can lots of correlation cause causation in this case? I don’t know.

Uniforms are expensive to provide on these sorts of scales, I suppose. I realised that when I noticed that the Amazon warehouses, notoriously penny pinching with their staff, do NOT provide uniforms for pickers. And only a luminous waistcoat for the checkout staff. Is this some kind of warehouse hierarchy I wonder? Do the supervisors get visors perhaps? How high up do you have to go before they give you anything beyond the lanyard?

“Oi! You in the visor! What does it take to get a hi-vis jacket around here?”

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