Henningham Family Press present

The Maximum Wage

A Performance Publishing Extravaganza

Sunday 9th June 2016 - WMG Late: Utopia, William Morris Gallery
Sunday 15th May 2016 - Urban Village Fete, Greenwich Peninsula
Saturday 12th March 2016 - St Paul's West Hackney Church Hall


The Maximum Wage On Tour

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The Maximum Wage Hackney
The Maximum Wage – Urban Village Fete Greenwich
Gainful Unemployment – William Morris Gallery Walthamstow

The Maximum Wage Screenprint Production Line runs for 20mins every hour.
“Wages” paid to players can be used in the venue and in participating local businesses.
Each player’s “wage” is determined by their randomly allocated status and a spin of our wheel of fortune!

Will your earnings be capped at 10:1? 100:1?
Or “let’s see what you would have won!”

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magcover_webThe Maximum Wage Magazine is now available to buy!

A 72-page A4 full-colour glossy magazine splashed on every page with photos from the live show and packed with brand new art and articles on earning a living.

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£3.50 & FREE DELIVERY within the UK!

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Performance combining hectic game-show silliness, satirical bite and economic critique – David Collard, The Times Literary Supplement


East London has become a prime example of the divide between the UK’s richest and poorest. It’s also where a group of artists are teaching people about income inequality. – Helen Amass, The Times Educational Supplement

Gainful Unemployment
“The times I’ve felt most employed, society has deemed me unemployed.” Eddie Farrell

An Insider’s View of The City
Investment Manager turned activist Clive Menzies explains how the rich transfer wealth from all of us to the top 10%

The NHS: A Private Investigation
Artist Marion Macalpine reveals a new and unreported threat to hospital estates.

The Metabolic Economy
David and Ping collage texts* and imagine a resurrected R Buckminster Fuller crashing an East End Artists’ studio. “Energy Is True Wealth! Survival for all, not just the fittest, is now a fact!”

AND Julie Rafalski shares out the commonwealth pie. Ladies Of The Press subvert lifestyle magazines to sell you back to your Self. Sophie Herxheimer collects life stories. Janice Macaulay‘s treasure trove of thrifty tips. Julie-Rose Bower dismisses the CV. Four pull-out posters Smash Hits stylee. Orwell vs Osborne on a living wage, Salary Amnesty and more!

Inside the venue, it’s hectic, a little ramshackle, with a DIY, handmade aesthetic. It’s as far as you can get from the white cube art gallery experience. Although the art world may be driven by money, you feel a little uncouth if you actually ask how much something is. Here the mechanics of making and spending money are in the foreground and in your face. You’re being asked to think about wealth and value, and how these are not objective facts but constructed ideas. – Anne Black & Katherine Dike, galleryELL

*Utopia or Oblivion, 2008, Lars Muller Publishers
Critical Path, 1981, St Martins Press
The World of Buckminster Fuller (DVD), Robert Snyder, 2010, Microcinema International
R. Buckminster Fuller, Everything I Know


Our Artists

The Maximum Wage Screenprint Production Line

Henningham Family Press are your hosts on this money-printing factory gameshow! Live printing mayhem meets Wheel of Fortune!

A Slice of Commonwealth

Artist Julie Rafalski charts what we are entitled to from the commonwealth pie.

Gainful Unemployment

Join Artist Eddie Farrell in creating a giant colourful rhizomatic picture of how we spend free time.

What were you doing when they told you to earn a living?

Artist Sophie Herxheimer will collect and illustrate your stories.

Use What You Have

Artist Janice Macaulay and her Transformation Trolley will reinvest your talents. Swap money saving tips with other thrifty types. Make a pledge with her fridge magnet machine.

Ladies of the Press* – Live Press!

Ladies of the Press* are making a live zine throughout the event!

Publish your ideas at their Press Desk!

Grab a copy while stocks last!


In 1941 George Orwell proposed a 10:1 Maximum Wage: Orwell_rosette

“A man with £3 a week and a man with £1500 a year can feel themselves fellow creatures, which the Duke of Westminster and the sleepers on the Embankment benches cannot.”

Today, income inequality remains one of the stickiest problems Britain faces.
It affects social mobility, healthcare, crime and much, much more.
The Maximum Wage brings Orwell’s proposal to life, stimulating public conversation and moments of clarity about what money is and how we earn it.


It’s time to talk about money.


Welcome Journalists!

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Praise for Henningham Family Press:

East London has become a prime example of the divide between the UK’s richest and poorest. It’s also where a group of artists are teaching people about income inequality.

The Times Educational Supplement


The Guardian

Getting There

Gainful Unemployment
Thursday 9th June 2016
Doors 6.30pm
Drop in till 10.30pm

FREE entry

William Morris Gallery
Lloyd Park, Forest Road
E17 4PP